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  • Liu J, Zhao R, Ye Z, Frey AJ, Schriver ER, Snyder NW, Hebbring SJ. Relationship of SULT1A1 copy number variation with estrogen metabolism and human health. J. Steroid Biochem. Mol. Biol.. 2017 Nov 1;174 :169-75.
    PubMed ID: 28867356
  • Bendixsen C, Barnes K, Kieke B, Schenk D, Simich J, Keifer M. Sorting Through the Spheres of Influence: Using Modified Pile Sorting to Describe Who Influences Dairy Farmers' Decision-Making About Safety. J Agromedicine. 2017;22(4):316-327.
    PubMed ID: 28715252
  • Wiesel S, Siddiqui F, Khan T, Hossri S, El-Sayegh D. Vanishing Lung Syndrome: Compound Effect of Tobacco and Marijuana Use on the Development of Bullous Lung Disease - A Joint Effort. Cureus. 2017 Jul 31;9(7):e1530.
    PubMed ID: 28975065
  • Alatawi Y, Rahman MM, Cheng N, Qian J, Peissig PL, Berg RL, Page CD, Hansen RA. Brand vs generic adverse event reporting patterns: An authorized generic-controlled evaluation of cardiovascular medications. J Clin Pharm Ther. 2017 Nov 1;
    PubMed ID: 29092097
  • Hall MA, Wallace J, Lucas A, Kim D, Basile AO, Verma SS, McCarty CA, Brilliant MH, Peissig PL, Kitchner TE, Verma A, Pendergrass SA, Dudek SM, Moore JH, Ritchie MD. PLATO software provides analytic framework for investigating complexity beyond genome-wide association studies. Nat Commun. 2017 Oct 27;8(1):1167.
    PubMed ID: 29079728
  • Kuang Z, Peissig P, Santos Costa V, Maclin R, Page D. Pharmacovigilance via Baseline Regularization with Large-Scale Langitudinal Observational Data. KDD. 2017 Aug;Proceedings of KDD'17 :1537-1546.
  • Hansen RA, Qian J, Berg R, Linneman J, Seoane-Vazquez E, Dutcher SK, Raofi S, Page CD, Peissig P. Comparison of Generic-to-Brand Switchback Rates Between Generic and Authorized Generic Drugs. PHARMACOTHERAPY. 2017 Apr;37(4):429-437.
    PubMed ID: 28152215
  • Chalhou M, Siddiqui A, Abdullah TM, Daouk A, Alexandrovo O, Elhage H, Rajdev K, Demissie S, Ali Z. Impact of Endobronchial Ultrasound-Guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration on Mediastinoscopy: A 10-Year Analysis of Trends and Outcomes. Chest. 2017;152(4):A879.
  • Siddiqui A, Siddiqui F, Abbasi S, Khan T, Ahmed M, Allhajri S, Wiesel S, Narula N, Memon A, Chalhoub M. Incidence and Predictors fo GI Bleeding Among Septic Shock Patients of United States: A 10 year analysis of Nationwide Inpatient Population. Chest. 2017;152(4):A398.
  • Singh VK, Ring RP, Aswani V, Stemper ME, Kislow J, Ye Z, Shukla SK. Phylogenetic distribution and expression of a penicillin-binding protein homologue, Ear and its significance in virulence of Staphylococcus aureus. J Med Microbiol. 2017 Dec;
    PubMed ID: 29099691
  • Schrodi SJ. The Impact of Diagnostic Code Misclassification on Optimizing the Experimental Design of Genetic Association Studies. J Healthc Eng. 2017 Oct 18;2017 :Article ID 7653971.
  • Carter TC, Hebbring SJ, Liu J, Mosley JD, Shaffer CM, Ivacic LC, Kopitzke S, Stefanski EL, Strenn R, Sundaram ME, Meece J, Brilliant MH, Ferdinands JM, Belongia EA. Pilot screening study of targeted genetic polymorphisms for association with seasonal influenza hospital admission. J. Med. Virol.. 2017 Oct 20;
    PubMed ID: 29053189
  • Peterson PN, Greenlee RT, Go AS, Magid DJ, Cassidy-Bushrow A, Garcia-Montilla R, Glenn KA, Gurwitz JH, Hammill SC, Hayes J, Kadish A, Reynolds K, Sharma P, Smith DH, Varosy PD, Vidaillet H, Zeng CX, Normand ST, Masoudi FA. Comparison of Inappropriate Shocks and Other Health Outcomes Between Single- and Dual-Chamber Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators for Primary Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death: Results From the Cardiovascular Research Network Longitudinal Study of Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators. J Am Heart Assoc. 2017 Nov 9;6(11)
    PubMed ID: 29122811
  • Dillon EC, Tuzzio L, Madrid S, Olden H, Greenlee RT. Measuring the impact of patient-engaged research: how a methods workshop identified Critical Outcomes of Research Engagement. Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews. 2017 Nov 6;4(4):237-246.
  • Philip J, Ryman TK, Hopkins SE, O'Brien DM, Bersamin A, Pomeroy J, Thummel KE, Austin MA, Boyer BB, Dombrowski K. Bi-cultural dynamics for risk and protective factors for cardiometabolic health in an Alaska Native (Yup'ik) population. PLoS One. 2017 Nov 1;12(11):e0183451.
    PubMed ID: 29091709