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  • Panny A, Huser V. Text Processing of Clinical Research Protocols and Informed Consents to Facilitate Tracking of Research Procedures. Available at: 2016 Sep 15;
  • Panny A, Huser V. Text Processing of Clinical Research Protocols and Informed Consents to Facilitate Tracking of Research Procedures. Available at: 2016 Nov 14;
  • Aswani V, Mau B, Shukla SK. Complete Genome Sequence of Staphylococcus aureus MCRF184, a Necrotizing Fasciitis-Causing Methicillin-Sensitive Sequence Type 45 Staphylococcus Strain. Genome Announc.. 2016 May 12;4(3)
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    PubMed ID: 27855652
  • Flynn PM, John MT, Naik A, Kohli N, VanWormer JJ, Self K. Psychometric properties of the English version of the Oral Health Literacy Adults Questionnaire - OHL-AQ. Community Dent Health. 2016 Dec;33(4):274-280.
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  • Peissig PL, Nikolai A, Glurich I, Brilliant M. Personalized Medicine..
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