Mammalian Genotyping Service


The Mammalian Genoytping Service (MGS) completed a 12 year long contract (NO1-HV-48141) in December, 2006. This service was established under the direction of Dr. Jim Weber, primarily to assist in linkage mapping of genes which cause or influence disease in humans and other model systems.

Genotyping for the MGS Service is carried out by using short tandem repeat polymorphisms (STRP's), also known as microsatellite markers. These markers were originally identified at Marshfield Clinic by Dr. Weber (Weber 1990 Genomics). Human linkage maps were then developed under this contract by Karl Broman and screening sets created, which have been used by hundreds of investigators around the world to map genes responsible for disease as well as for seminal population studies (Rosenberg). Over the years, this service has facilitated the identification of hundreds of genes including the gene and linkage regions for cystic fibrosis, the Framingham Heart Study and the Jackson Heart Study, as well as many other heart, lung, blood, sleep related disorders. (Outcomes)

Through the development and refinement of the MGS, we have genotyped many population and reference samples, identified and confirmed many polymorphic markers, and have maintained the Marshfield linkage maps. Novel technologies were always the basis of these resources and have remained open to the public. Throughout the life of this contract many projects have been undertaken and completed. Information pertaining to this is available on the genotyping data & statistics page.

While the contract ended on December 1, 2006, this website and its resources will remain open and available to the entire community as it has been throughout the life of this contract.

For more information regarding the genotyping service, please call 715-389-4756.