Human Research Subject Protection

Marshfield Clinic is committed to the protection of the rights and welfare of each person enrolled in research at its institution. To this end, Marshfield Clinic subscribes to the ethical principles outlined in The Belmont Report, requires compliance with federal regulations pertaining to the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects, and has formally designated the Marshfield Clinic Research Institute Institutional Review Board (IRB) as the body to approve, monitor, and review research conducted at Marshfield Clinic. Investigators engaged in research and IRB members are to familiarize themselves with all applicable regulations, policies, forms, and guidance documents.

Potential research participants should be aware that being in a study is entirely voluntary. Anyone asked to take part may refuse to do so, and this decision will not be held against them. Participants can also decide to join a research study but then stop at any time without being penalized or without losing benefits they would otherwise receive. Decisions about research participation will not affect a patient’s relationship with their Marshfield Clinic physician or the Marshfield Clinic in general.

Questions, concerns or complaints about research participation can be addressed to Marshfield Clinic Research Institute's Institutional Review Board (IRB) office at 1 800-782-8581 ext. 9-3022. This same number can be called to obtain answers to questions, express concerns, or convey suggestions about the human research protection program.